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Online Events Management by Spikeage

Dynamic Poster Design

Usful forms

Live Streaming

Session wise Attendance

Live Meeting Management

Certificate Design

#Top Online Event Management Agency

We keep the focus on smooth working of the entire virtual programs

We are Online online events Management Company from India. At SPIKEAGE we support our clients to conduct Online Events, Workshops, Seminars and Webinars smoothly. We manage and look after each and very step to conduct such virtual events. We understand the requirements and guide and support the client throughout  the program. 

Online Event Management Step by Step

  • Participants Registration Form
  • Dynamic Banner/Flyer/Poster Design
  • Online Meeting link on GOOGLE MEET / ZOOM
  • Invitation to all Participants and Guests 
  • Live on YouTube / Facebook 
  • Feedback Form
  • e-certificate design
  • E-Certificate 


Our Prestigious Clients

Few Examples of Type of online events we manage:

  • online events with certificate
  • online events for School students
  • online events for college students
  • free online events 
  • online workshops with certificates
  • online workshops for students
  • online workshops for teachers
  • online free workshops 
  • online workshops for college students
  • online workshops for engineering students
  • free online workshops


  • free online workshops for early childhood educators
  • free online workshops with certificates
  • online art workshops
  • online writing workshops
  • online poetry workshops
  • online craft workshops
  • online yoga workshops
  • online acting workshops
  • online creative writing workshops
  • online live dance classes
  • online cooking classes